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Electric scooter 350W motor with app lock ,Aovopro app ,IP65 waterproof

Super long range of 35km

Electric scooter with 350W motor

Clmbing range 20°

Waterproof IP65

App Aovopro

App lock scooter 

Speed limit setting on app

Detailed Product Description

 Lithium Battery:     36V  10.4Ah 

    Tire:     8.5 inches Anti-skid solid tyre

    Max Speed:       31KM/H
    Frame Material :      Aluminum Alloy
    Brake :      Electronic Brake + disc Brake
    Lighting:     LED
    Shock Absorption :     Tire shock absorption
    Charging Period:    5 Hours
    Max Load:     120KG
25-35KM Super Long Range
Super high speed as 31km/h,3 speed level (15KM/H&20KM/H&25KM/H)
Double brake, front electric brake and rear disc brake,sentive and safe brake
Full scooter body waterproof design, waterproof rating IP65
Support speed limit setting from 31to 1 km/h
APP lock function on scooter
3 seconds to fold ,107*43*54cm,save space,12.5KG,super light,easy carry
Loading capacity 120KG,aluminum alloy forged scooter body,strong and durable scooter,strong power,350W motor,climbing range 20°
Metal bell design, loud ring bell, easy to operate
Sine wave motherboard, accelerate & brake more smoothly, safety, unique on the market, other square wave motherboard model , accelerate & brake wobble, bad driving experience and dangerous
app,speed/battery/mileage display,APP lock for scooter,light switch ,scooter switch off,cruise on/off ,scooter speed zero &non-zero start,automatic shut down time setting
Gross Weight:     15KG
    Net Weight:     12KG
    Folding Size :     1070*430*530MM
    Produce Size:    1070*1100*430MM
    Carton Size :     1120*150*520MM 
    Color:     Dark grey/white/customized color
Colorful LCD display to show the scooter speed/mileage/condition
Color available in black and white
one button,switch on/off,speed adjust,light switch on/off
cruise function ,make driving smart and relax
Rubber tire shock absorption, no inflation, no puncture, comfortable and safe
3 hours fast charge